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Welcome to the open course content for Thompson Rivers Open Learning, GEOL 1011: Introduction to Geoscience. This site contains all the instructional materials that will help guide a learner through the course topics and activities. This site also refers learners to the course textbook, Physical Geology  which is also openly available and can be accessed through a variety of platforms, including HTML, PDF and ePub. You can also order a print copy (there is a nominal cost) if you prefer.

If you do not need this course for credit, then you are welcome to look at and work through the course and associated open text book.  If you are interested or need credit for studying this material, you can register through TRU Open Learning registration system. As a registered student you will have access to the required laboratories, assignments, and Open Learning Faculty Member. To get credit for the course you will also need to write a final exam. For more information about the TRU-OL credit course go to the Course Information Sheet.

Registered Students

If you are a registered student, this website is what you will use to work through the course units and will also link you to readings in the course textbook. To contact your Open Learning Faculty Member and to access and submit your assignments you will need to login to the Learning Management System. If you are registered for the course you will receive login information for your assigned course shell within our Learning Management System—please use the following link:

Learning Management System Login


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